Funding Guidelines

Tiger Foundation currently gives funding consideration to programs in New York City in four main areas: Education, Employment, Youth and Families, and Criminal Justice. In addition to the guidelines below, please make sure to read the “What We Look For” section of this website, which outlines several Tiger Foundation evaluation criteria that are applied to our consideration of requests in all program areas.

Funding Guidelines - Youth and Families

A crucial component of the foundation’s mission is to provide assistance to low-income families struggling to maintain productive and healthy lives. We do this through support of reunification programs for families with children in the foster care system and through the funding of multi-service case management programs to help parents access the supports needed to provide for their children and to keep families together. We seek organizations able to document their success with families as they work to improve the opportunities available to both parents and children. Organizations seeking to demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs for the families they serve should be able to present data indicating that conditions such as the following have been achieved:

  • The development of parenting skills and behaviors that support healthy child development
  • Access to safe and affordable housing that is appropriate for a family’s size and composition
  • Access to and engagement in employment readiness and job training programs
  • Consistent and reliable paid employment
  • Sufficient understanding of how to allocate the family’s resources and plan for the future
  • Access to reliable and quality child care
  • Absence or prevention of ACS reports
  • Re-unification with children that have been in foster care
  • Regular school attendance for school-age children
  • Enrollment in counseling for substance abuse, domestic violence, or other issues
  • Parents are able to identify/demonstrate appropriate discipline
  • Access to medical insurance and medical care when needed
  • Commitment and attention to appropriate care of children (e.g., immunizations, hygiene)