Funding Guidelines

Tiger Foundation currently gives funding consideration to programs in New York City in four main areas: Education, Employment, Youth and Families, and Criminal Justice. In addition to the guidelines below, please make sure to read the “What We Look For” section of this website, which outlines several Tiger Foundation evaluation criteria that are applied to our consideration of requests in all program areas.

Funding Guidelines - Youth and Families

Nearly half of low-income children start first grade two years behind their peers. Tiger Foundation believes that intervening during the first five years of life for children born into poverty and high-risk family environments is critical. The earlier a child is afforded opportunities for positive development, the greater the chances of long-term success. We invest in efforts to support young children both in their homes and in community-based centers, funding programs that offer parenting-skills training, health and wellness activities, and early education opportunities. We consider the following areas when assessing program success:

  • Pre- and post-tests demonstrating improved academic and social/emotional functioning
  • Early testing for and progress in addressing developmental delays
  • The development of strong & supportive parent-child relationships
  • Diversion from special education programs