Funding Guidelines

Tiger Foundation currently gives funding consideration to programs in New York City in four main areas: Education, Employment, Youth and Families, and Criminal Justice. In addition to the guidelines below, please make sure to read the “What We Look For” section of this website, which outlines several Tiger Foundation evaluation criteria that are applied to our consideration of requests in all program areas.

Funding Guidelines - Youth and Families

With high school graduation rates hovering around 70% (lower for boys and students of color) there are many young New Yorkers who are at risk of dropping out of school and embarking on the challenging path of seeking meaningful employment without academic credentials. We work with organizations that provide positive guidance for youth by discouraging high-risk behaviors, such as drug-use and too-early parenting, and support programs that help young people achieve educational goals and become engaged in the labor force. We do this work through support of a network of in-school and out-of-school programs, which work with young people on an ongoing basis over multiple years. Programs under consideration are expected to present evidence of outcomes such as:

  • Successful recruitment and retention of participants
  • Improved academic performance (e.g., grades, school attendance, high school graduation, HSE, college enrollment and persistence)
  • Access to employment training and acquisition of jobs and/or internships
  • Access to caring adult relationships
  • Decreases in or avoidance of alcohol/substance use
  • Avoidance of criminal justice system involvement
  • Prevention of early parenting
  • Independent living (e.g., stable housing, bank accounts)
  • Resolution of child care, health, and mental health needs