Hour Children
Founded by Sister Teresa Fitzgerald, Hour Children provides services to currently and formerly incarcerated women to help them avoid criminal justice system involvement, reunify with their children, and achieve self-sufficiency.
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Involved with our grantees

Involved with our grantees. Inspired by their work. Invested in their success.

breaking the cycle of poverty in new york city.

More than one in five New Yorkers—roughly 1.8 million people—lives below the federal poverty line (defined in 2012 as $23,050 in annual income for a family of four). And another one in five struggles each day to stay above the brink. While there are, of course, many social and economic factors that lead people into poverty, Tiger Foundation believes that focusing on certain key areas can lead to effective solutions to break the cycle. Through investments in our four funding portfolios—Education, Employment, Youth and Families, and Criminal Justice—in the five boroughs of New York City, we seek to help create lasting positive change that will impact families for generations.

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